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topic 12 the how

Our goal is to use Bible-based conversations to help you make disciples at church, at home, and beyond. If you can have a conversation, you can make a disciple.

Talking Points
  • Ready to help people in your world pursue God? Join the movement and start making disciples with our 3E process:

    • Engage: Talk about topics that interest them, to engage others in conversations that matter.

    • Establish: Start this discipleship path to establish others in a full circle Christian faith.

    • Empower: Complete the discipleship path and empower those you are discipling to start helping others pursue God using the same 3E process.

  • The greatest thing you can do in life is to help someone pursue God. Your next steps:

    • Step 1: Make a list of people who could use your help, and start praying for God to open the door to a mentoring relationship.

    • Step 2: Send an invitation with a time to sit down and talk about engaging topics.

discussion questions
  1. Initial reactions to this topic? What jumped out at you?

  2. Engage, Establish, Empower – which one seems the most difficult to you? Explain.

  3. Describe the three mentoring principles in your own words. Which one resonates most?

  4. Describe the pathway for disciple-making in your own words. What’s the point to taking someone through a discipleship path?

  5. Do you feel qualified to make disciples? If not, what would qualify you?

  6. Make a list of a few people who might be interested in going through a discipleship track with you. Begin praying for those people.

  7. To finish your training, cover this full discipleship path with a training partner or group. Take turns leading each topic, and be sure to track your progress. Then start discipling someone on your list.

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